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Description of Hosting

Hosting is a kind of Internet service that enables individuals and organizations to make their online portals visible on the web. Web hosting providers are companies that offer disk storage space on a web server stored in a data center and guarantee continuous network uptime.

Where do you start?

The World Wide Web has become an integral element in everyone's daily life. It offers you the opportunity to earn some cash on the side, but can also be a major source of income. In order to put commercials on your website or to advertise a service that you offer, you invariably require a hosting solution, which will make certain that your web site is safe and constantly available. But how do you find one that is affordably priced and yet stable enough?

The shared hosting platform

The solution hosting service providers have brought forth is called shared hosting. With the shared web hosting solution, numerous web hosting accounts are hosted on the very same web hosting server. There are rigorous restrictions on the system resources that each shared web hosting account can in fact resort to, thus making sure that they do not meddle with each other. The shared solution offers decent performance and costs less than, let's say, a dedicated hosting web server, which is utilized by just one customer. The shared solution allows hosting firms to offer their customers moderate prices. It usually includes intuitive Control Panel software, as is the case with the server that we at provide, and lets everybody administer their web sites without bothering about server configuration and maintenance tasks, which are handled solely by the hosting company.

VPS hosting

With the VPS hosting solution, on the other hand, you share a physical server with other virtual private hosting server clients, but you are allotted a dedicated share of the resources. The VPS web hosting server solution is the middle ground between the much more affordably priced shared web hosting solution and the more expensive dedicated server solution, and is a very good option for anyone who desires to host, for example, an audio or video streaming web site or a social network. The circumstance that you need to cope with the server configuration settings and software updates yourself is somewhat of a downside, but this could also be a great plus if you really have to make certain server configuration changes - something that would be impossible on a shared web hosting server.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are in the majority of cases much more high-priced than shared or private virtual server hosting solutions. You might ask why would anyone want to use a dedicated web hosting server then? The answer is pretty simple. If your company has a high resource-swallowing site, or just has very explicit server configuration and safety requirements, the wisest choice would be a dedicated web server that you or your technicians can manage directly. For somebody who is ready to invest in safety and stability, the bigger price is of no concern. You get complete server root access and can use 100 percent of the dedicated web server's system resources without anyone else using these resources and interfering with your websites.